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作者:贵州伟旺成机电设备有限公司 发稿日期:2021-03-05 17:07:04


Fantastic optimization and great humanity
Highlighting great concerns by reaching every aspect
 The special circuit contiol and display syste m can both facilltating the drives within the car but also making it conwenient for the
passenqers waiting outslde the car.
·The car with the large width of 2.4m and the large depth of 6m, making it convenient for various autómobiles to park in a secure
·The optimized operating panel makes the passengers open or close the gate(door) of the elevator without leaving the car.
· It adopts the abrasive floor and is equipped with gulding device and stop marks of driving,to let the automobiles park within
the lines and ieduce the collision of the automoblles in and out.(Optiona)

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